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Geoff's Lamps

Unique lamps hand-made from recycled materials

Geoff And His Lamps

I have dabbled in DIY projects all my life and a favourite pastime has been to make lamps with bottles and other recyclable items. Now that I have retired from a desk job, I have more time to spend on this hobbycraft.

I have used various materials, such as driftwood, to make the lamps and I’m always on the lookout for new materials to work with.

If you have a bottle of sentimental value why not chat about turning it into a customised lamp? You can choose or supply your own lampshade material and also select from a variety of bottle fillings. It can be for yourself; it would also make a creative and practical gift.

I’m also looking to work with food and beverage establishments to create unique decorative and promotional lamps for them.  Get in touch with me via the Chat Button if you’d like to discuss this.

A selection of already-created lamps are available for purchase, too. Prices are indicated and there is a delivery charge if you don’t want to pick the lamp up yourself. In addition to what’s here, I have other unfinished bottles and some without lampshades. Hit the Chat Button  to find out more.

Chat With Geoff

Available Lamps